The old 3.3-acre lot of Country Club Plaza sat vacant for 15 years until Rembe Design and Team transformed it into something special. Situated along Route 66, we recognized its potential as a hub of activity and excitement. By revitalizing the site, we have given this community a new identity and a space where they can come together to work, play, and live. Contact us today to get your lease started!

Country Club Plaza is a 3.3 acre site along historic Route 66 (Central Avenue) in Albuquerque, NM, nestled between the bustling Downtown Business District and the historic Old Town Tourist District. The site was once the home of the Horn Motor Lodge and had sat vacant and dilapidated for over 15 years. Given the site’s history and potential within the Route 66 corridor, the project’s primary goal was to reactivate this stretch of one of the country’s most iconic streets, connecting the Downtown and Old Town corridors and bringing a new commercial identity to this underutilized stretch of road.

Grounded on the principles of revitalization, the project focused its efforts on the adaptive reuse of the three remaining historic buildings on site (the Horn Oil Service Station and Motor Lodge Coffee Shop buildings and an old auto body shop) and the construction of three new buildings to complement the existing ones. This combination of old and new allows for a dynamic mixed-use development capable of generating an environment conducive to robust pedestrian and bicyclist activity, as well as a beacon to vehicular traffic. Site planning efforts sought to provide ample opportunities for interactions between an array of uses, including retail, restaurants, offices, and residential, through the interplay of landscaped walkways and interstitial manicured plazas.

Development efforts took time. The owner acquired the land nearly 15 years ago and patiently waited for the local economy to bounce back in order to make the project feasible. Tremendous time and effort was also spent working with the adjacent established neighborhoods, finessing the site design to be respectful of their community’s cultural and aesthetic values as well as creating a neighborhood hub capable of enhancing the local quality of life.

Ultimately, the team’s efforts paid off, yielding an integrated site design that is now home to some of Albuquerque’s most up and coming businesses.

Project Team