Located in Albuquerque’s semi-rural North Valley, the Veranda Compound is the final project in a suite of four innovative infill developments in this historic area.

Although thoroughly modern in its design, the Veranda Compound employs the traditional New Mexican urban planning typology of the residential compound to configure a shared communal open space and connect with the region’s rich past. This urban design strategy for infill development in a rural setting respects the local landscape and culture while achieving considerable infill density, with eight townhouses ranging in size from 921 to 1459 square feet.

The design vocabulary extends the language of more traditional New Mexican architecture. Oversized projecting windows at the stairways, recessed balcony volumes open to the sky, abstract covered entryways and bold metal hand and guardrails express a modern character within the idiom of a traditional walled architecture.

2006 American Institute of Architects Santa Fe Design Excellence Award | 2006 American Institute of Architects Home Tour | 2005 American Institute of Architects Merit Award | 2004 American Planning Association Innovations in Planning/New Planning Techniques Award